The Tricks That Psychics Used To Play their Trade

An astrologer has assumed a larger than life position all over the world. Their activities are becoming more prominent with each dawn of the day. How do they manage their tricks? We shall be making attempts to unravel the world of men and women who claim to know our today as well as what had been in our past and the mirror to unravel what awaits us in the future to come.

You will find them in different shades and colors; some are labeled mediums-combining the powers of both an astrologer and a Psychic. The following are the approach of these men and women that dwell in the physical to tell what happens in the spirit world:

They Make Claims That Could Apply To Anyone

There was a case study conducted by Bertram Forer- a psychologist who wanted to test his students. He wanted a create a personality profile for each of them. He secretly gave each of them the same profile calling for their answers asking them to rate how accurate they thought it was. The majority of them gave the verdict of -right on the mark. When they were given another set (this time two); one fake and the other real. When the answers were graded, it was discovered that the majority of the students thought the fake profile was the real one.

When you look at the setting described above, they are vague and can easily apply to anyone anywhere in the world. This is the template that many astrologers use today; they utter statements like the above to lay claim to the fact that they have access and incredible insights. What they are actually doing is to tell what you wanted to hear in a tricks’ way that you will never notice. They will not make a strong, declarative statement that will put them in a tight corner; expect to hear them say something like: “there are times you had nightmares of late”. Who does not experience occasional nightmares? It is true for virtually everyone.

They Make Their Clients To Tell Them Important Info

The people that go to see the astrologer go there on purpose. The majority of the people that visit the spiritualist goes there with some burden of anxiety. They know the state of mind of their clients and work on that to get a direction by telling their clients that the information might appear cloudy and they will need clarifications from their client. If the client agrees to that; then the Psychic has gotten what he needs to start on a bright note. Statements like this might then follow: “You have a younger relation that lives close to you; the name becomes with the letter M”. You are likely to say the correct letter ‘K’. Then he will retort, oh thank you! Am actually seeing letter K. The game has started and with your tacit corporation, the game will begin on a guess work and you will be made to believe that what you are getting is the reality but actually you are the one that supplied the facts to the medium! At the end of it all, the client is the person that has actually done the work which he is made to pay for.

They Say Things That Will Be True For At Least Someone

The medium will never risk too much in the course of the session with their clients. They will first create the impression that what they are telling you are from the spirit realm which they alone have the access to from where they are getting you the information. Do not expect them to give you a direct approach; they will keep their reading as vague as possible. Take a look at the following scenario that you are likely going to get through a typical reading:

“I’m seeing a figure; it appears like a male figure; the name starts with letter looking like k; the name is Ken or Kenneth”

It will be pretty easy to get someone in the audience that goes by that name in any audience. The approach can take another form; it might go like this:

“I can see someone through the spirit realm; this person (note the gender here; a neutral gender to play safe) an older relative that died of heart attack. ”

Can you beat the approach above? This is the typical approach of most mediums done in a way to get the client in line. They will do about 30% guesswork and leave their clients to complete the 70% remaining. So the bulk of the work will be done by you. This is the case with the majority of the clients; only a handful of clients that are more composed will refuse to cooperate with any form of guess works of the medium. When they realize this; they will simply back out and give you a refund.

Showing The Skills To Room Full Of Audience

There are occasions when the medium will have the opportunity to show off the skills to a room that is full of audience. What will happen here is an attempt to work on the mentality of the people. Never expect a direct statement from the astrologer; rather a careful observation shows that they use a vague language to carry out their tricks on the people. This is usually on common relationships, physical traits, or the likely causes of death.

There is the high possibility of getting someone who will come out from the crowd to tell you that you have hit the bull’s eye. It is as simple as that; when the audience realizes that, you will command a respect among the audience that will hold them spellbound throughout the process.


The above summations put together what the majority of the psychic that you will get to see today employ to get the dollars from their clients. If you are critically observant in your next session with any of them, you will notice some of these tricks during the session with them.