Important tips you should be aware of regarding truck dashboard cameras


It is no doubt that we want to capture the very best of our lives for memory purposes or for reference uses given the fact that cameras have evolved to an extent of being a must-have device for almost everyone. People will attend the same event but at the end of it all if you compare their photos, none will be similar to the other. That is how diverse and classified cameras have become in terms of capturing important moments. Travelling has never been more secure, free and fun as it is now with the introduction of dash board cameras.

Car cameras or dash cams as they are mostly referred to as are self-contained digital cameras specifically built for continuous video recording purposes while on the road. It records all events that transpire along the way. They are small in size and are mostly used by most motorists and truck drivers for various purposes mostly being security. Insurance fraud is one of the reasons truck and other motor owners have found the need of investing in dash cams. Proof in any case is vital because it provides the necessary information, and dash cams are perfect for that work because they record events continuously.

One of these fine days more people are going to adapt to the need of having a dash cam because more models are being manufactured as the time goes by. The prices are also decreasing with the emergence of many models and it is only a matter of time before everyone on the road owns a dash cam. You can see details about truck dashboard camera in most camera review sites.

Dashboard cameras tips

These are some of the dashcams tips every user or potential user should be aware of.

  • The camera should be mounted high. When a camera is mounted high, the view of the road is much better and that way the recordings are clearer.
  • Cameras should be mounted upside down. In many cases, it is easier to mount the camera upside down because that way the video is easily flipped in any editing software once it is copied into the computer. It is however advisable to turn off the on-screen timestamp whenever you mount a camera upside down and that is if the menu gives you that choice.
  • You should always make sure that the camera is within the swath of your windshield wipers so that it is able to record despite weather conditions such as rain, snow or frost.
  • When it comes to powering on and off, some dashboard cameras are designed to work in line with the ignition key such that it powers on and off the camera does the same. That way it is more convenient because there is no forgetting to switch the camera on and off whenever you are travelling.
  • Consider running the camera full-time. Incidents that you least expect can happen any time hence you should ensure that the cameras are always rolling. It is even advisable to roll them while parking because drivers also tend to misbehave in parking lots and may you find yourself in such a scenario you can have evidence to show.
  • Invest in big and fast memory cards if possible. Small and slow memory cards can result into file errors and you may end up with unimportant footage. They take most of the time when copying them into the computer. If all you need is to only capture an accident scenario, a camera with 4GB memory card can offer you a recording time of less than hour with a 1080p video resolution. If you need more recording time you should therefore invest in a bigger card of 32GB which holds between four to seven hours and with a video resolution of 1080p. It is always good to review something that happened hours back therefore a bigger and faster card is the choice to go for.
  • Tripod mounts. A camera that cannot be used with a suction cup can be used with a tripod mount. A tripod mount comes in handy when the rear window cannot hold a suction cup. The camera can also be placed upside down if need be.
  • Save an event immediately it happens to avoid it being overwritten in case the loop cycle comes to an end. Some dash cams however come with a g-sensor that automatically detects an event and records it for safekeeping. That way even if a loop cycle ends the event cannot be written off.
  • Video codecs. Invest in a camera that various video editors can easily recognize.

Those are just some of the many tips that you can learn about regarding dash cams for trucks. As you can see details about truck dashboard camera are more expounded in various dash cam review sites and hence you can get more information about the same in them. It is important to go through them so that you can make an informed choice when going for a dash cam.

Ethics and copyright issues regarding dash cams

In as much as we have freedom to use our devices such as cameras for various reasons and purposes, let us not forget that we can be held accountable for using them in the wrong and undeserving way, other than what we are supposed to use them for. In regard to this, using a dash cam for the wrong reasons can land you in trouble, and trust me trouble is the last thing you are looking for behind that wheel. These are some of the issues you should be aware of when it comes to using the dash cam in a proper way;

  • Do not always post every other mistake that other drivers make.
  • A dash cam video footage applies to both parties. You do not only get to caption other drivers and what they are up to, but also get to caption yourself.
  • Dash cam videos are copyrighted by their respective owners.