Grease Gun – Types, Uses And Its Advantages

The common workshop and garage tool, a grease gun is typically used for the purpose of lubrication. Grease guns can be powered by air, hand or electricity. Grease is the lubricant that must be used since it sticks to the moving surface of the machine and does not easily leak away too.

What are the things that should be practiced when making the use of a grease gun?

  • When you load grease in the grease gun use caution, so that you are assured that contaminants have not entered along with the grease. In case you are making the use of a cartridge be sure that no metal silvers are being introduced into the grease when you remove the metal lid.
  • Make sure proper grease is being used at every grease point. An incompatibility problem will be caused if the wrong type of grease is used, this can even cause bearing failure.
  • The points of lubrication should be identified clearly so as to which grease needs to be used. This can be done with the help of colored markers or adhesive tapes.
  • Before you attach the grease gun make sure you clean thoroughly the fitting of the grease of all the contaminants. Damaged fittings must be well inspected and also replaced. Grease fitting caps can be used in order to keep them clean, but the fitting need to be wiped before applying the grease onto them.
  • The grease guns should be calibarised regularly to get the proper delivery of the volume.
  • The storage of the grease guns should be done in a dry, clean and a cool area, in a horizontal manner to keep the oil from flowing out of the grease. Make sure the coupler is kept covered so that it is free from the dirt and contaminants.
  • Ensure the dispensing nozzle of the grease gun is cleaned before it being used. A small amount of grease needs to be pumped from the dispensing nozzle and then the nozzle has to be wiped off with a clean cloth before it being attached to the grease fitting.

What are the uses of grease guns?

  • Lawn mowers: grease guns are used to lubricate spindles on the lawn mowers. In order to get that done the belt guard has to be removed. The spindle will be easily lubricated by applying the fitting arrangement to the grease gun.
  • Chain saws: one of the most effective way to get a chain saw’s bar nose bearings greased is by using a grease gun. The tip of the chain saw grease gun will be fitted into the small hole of the grease which will lubricate the edges of the hole of the sprocket. This lubrication must be done every time your chain saw has been filled up with more gas.
  • The equipment and the machines at the factories: using a grease gun in the lubrication of the equipment and machines at the factory is considered to be an easy way to get done with the work. The grease guns have a high pressure thus you need to be trained in using one or if you are new to it, you will end up over lubricating the equipment. Some fittings of the factory shut off to prevent their parts from getting over lubricated.
  • Automobiles: light and heavy duty trucks make use of the grease guns for the process of lubrication to get their grease fittings. The larger commercial trucks have got their grease fittings which are located on their drive shafts and their U joints.

Types of grease guns

  • Hand powered: in this the grease is being forced from the aperture, by the back pressure which has been built by the trigger mechanism of the gun. The pressure is being applied to the mechanism of the spring behind the lubricant. This eventually forces the grease to come out of the aperture.
  • Air powered (pneumatic): the compressed air is being directed by the hoses to the gun. The air pressure that serves to force the grease through the aperture.
  • Hand powered, with no involvement of the trigger mechanism: the grease is being forced out through the aperture by the back pressure which is being built up by pushing on the back of the grease gun which will slide the piston through the body of the tool thus helping pump out the grease from the aperture.

What are the advantages of using a grease gun for various daily life purposes?

  • The distribution of grease will be as precise as possible
  • Can be filled with the cartridges
  • Extension of the durability of the machines
  • It is smooth and a compact device
  • No messy
  • Very easy, simple and convenient to use at home or even at work

What are the things that one must consider before going in for a grease gun?

The things that you should consider before buying a grease gun includes what type of machinery will be lubricated and how much of the grease will be used. If you want the grease gun for a low volume greasing you should go in for a manual grease gun. The grease guns which have the lever style will expel more grease per stroke but it needs the involvement of two hands while considering the piston grip style, it can be used even with one hand. The grease guns which operate on battery and the pneumatic types prevents operator fatigue and will definitely work well in the areas which require larger volumes of grease.

Using a grease gun prevents the grease to be wasted and will also provide a better saturation in the required areas of the lubricant. Due to their longevity and handles and good speed with accuracy when greasing the moving components, grease guns are considered very essential. There are many ways in which a grease gun can be used to apply lubrication. The grease gun is loaded with types of lubricants that are available in the market out there, but mostly a thicker and heavier type of grease is being used.