Gaming Tips and Tricks To Become A Good Player

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game that was developed and released by Supercell. Clash of Clans is at its core a game that depends on a strong set of tactics and a good game plan.

What is Clash of Clans?

The main goal is to become the player with the most trophies. You can earn these trophies either by attacking and conquering the villages of other players or by successfully defending your village against similar attacks. The more trophies you earn; the higher up the ranks you will climb. As you slowly climb up the opponents that you face will also be of either equal or greater standing than you. Ultimately you will reach the very top layer – the Champion rank. Reaching the Champion rank is quite difficult and therefore you will have to spend some amount of both money and time to make sure that your village is well fortified and equipped with upgraded weapons, to make sure your soldiers are well trained and ensuring you have the best game plans for both offense and defense.

Building your village:

Like most tabletop games, Clash of Clans is broken out into two parts: the building part and the action part. You start off by building your village and as your village grows you have the opportunity to build new and improved buildings which gives you better offence and defence. Improvement and growth of your village revolve around enhancing your town hall. You build forts with gold and elixir resources to best defend your village against attacks. Another feature of this game is that the attacks do not happen in real time. You only get notified about the attack on your village once it has already happened. You then get to see the replay of the attack. Therefore you have to think ahead and think about all the different ways your enemies can attack and thoroughly protect all the weak areas.

Fighting against other armies/bases:

After the building phase comes the action part. Once you’ve finished equipping your village to the best of your abilities it becomes time to attack other villages to conquer them and earn trophies. There are two paths you can choose when it comes to the attack mode:

  1. Single player mode: The game pits you against a number of Goblin bases that are dotted throughout the game to make sure you gain experience and grow as a player. The bases get harder as you level up and require quite the amount of thought in order to defeat the bases and earn the Gold and Elixir that comes as a result of it.
  2. Online mode: The online mode places you against another village and gives you a time limit of 3 minutes to do the maximum damage that you can. Attacking another village is all about the strategic placement of your troop in the places that are weakest/ the places where your troops can carry out the maximum damage. The majority of the characters attack the structures nearest to them. Some troops come with special attacks like the ability to explode and take down a wall or long distance attacks rather than up close physical combat. Your goal is to completely annihilate the village to receive all of the rewards (Gold and Elixir) and a higher number of trophies.

Gems in Clash of Clans:

Apart from Gold and Elixir, there is a third type of currency in Clash of clans called Gems that allows you to speed up certain processes. At the beginning of the game, every player receives some amount of Gems and this number keeps increasing every time you go up a level. However, these Gems are limited and need to be spent wisely. Once you run out of Gems you also have the option of buying them in exchange for hard cash.

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  1. Save your gems:

Do not waste your Gems to buy more resources or on speeding production; it would be better to enhance your production rates. Make sure that you complete different milestones and cross certain obstacles in order to earn the maximum amount of gems. Save your Gems and use them for primarily building builder’s huts. Onwards there are plenty of occasions where you will need gems and it is important to save them for such occasions.

  1. The best defense is a good offense:

Your game will depend greatly on what kind of player you are: whether you are someone that takes a laid-back approach to the whole thing or whether you’re an active participant and take the fight to other players. The number of defensive towers you have built in your village and the weapons you are equipped with solely depend on your experience and strategy and planning. The more villages you defeat, the more coins you will earn and the better you can equip your village.

  1. Choose your targets wisely:

The first thing you have to do is to look at their town hall level and resources stored inside. If the town hall level is lower than yours by a large margin then chances are that you would be getting a far lower reward. Keep in mind that whilst picking a target you should pick one in such a way that at the very least you earn back the resources that you spent pulling the target down. Sending in a goblin troop and earning a few resources even though you lost the battle is ultimately better than winning one with a full-scale assault and troops but cost you a lot of resources.

  1. Find a buddy to raid with:

Being a part of organized attacks and the like is a great way to bring in some major loot and spoils.

Follow the tricks given above to master the art of Clash of Clans.