Things that you have to know about Simpsons – History and Interesting Facts

Cartoons have always caught our attention regardless of the age-group we belong to, and that is why in this faced paced we still have cartoons existing. When 7-year-old children have grown enough to operate smartphones they still haven’t given up on cartoons. That is why cartoons still survive, and makers are still exploring in the field of cartoons. So today we will discuss the history of one of the cartoons love and watched by people of all ages and that is Simpsons.

History of Simpsons:

Simpsons is an American-based cartoon show that was first telecasted in the year 1989. The show was telecasted on Fox and became a major hit on the television. It was, in fact, the first ever show telecasted by Fox to have grabbed a place for itself among the best 30 shows. This is one of the biggest ever achievements of this cartoon. This achievement was recorded in the year 1990. The story is about a family who lived in a fictional town in the United States of America. The entire story of Simpsons is a satire that depicts the working class population of the country. It also depicts the exact real-life scenario of many, and that is the reason why people were able to relate to it, and the cartoon is a success even today.

The colour that stirred the audience:

The minute I say Simpsons, the people who have been watching it right from the nineties can think about only one factor, and that is the colour of the characters. In fact, Simpsons was the first ever cartoon to have its characters designed in yellow colour. This was a gnawing question in the minds of many people, and one fine day Matt Groening himself the creator of the series answered the question. Colour was only a way to get a tricky grip on the viewers. It was at the time when people were too much into watching cartoons and all of them where always in the shade of pink. That is probably why Matt wanted to create a difference. When you scroll through the channels and see animated pink characters, you are not going to stop, but on the other hand, if you catch a glimpse of the same character moving in yellow, you are definitely going to stop by. The first reason it looks weird and the next you haven’t seen anything like it before. Anything that is abnormal hits the brain first. You will naturally watch more of this show, and gradually you are going to like it.

The Controversy:

With Simpsons, there has always been controversy. It is one cartoon that has always been in the news for the wrong reason. The reason behind it was Bart, the youngest of all characters wasn’t smart enough like Dexter and thereby didn’t set a good example for kids. Also, a few felt that it was not a cool portrayal of the working class people of the country. But somewhere people were able to relate to it, and that is the reason why people always loved the cartoon and the viewers always took a favourable stand.