Benefits And Downsides Of Inversion Tables

If we look at some of the complex and difficult yoga exercises and poses, you will come across a pose which is referred to as Sirsasana. This actually means inversing your body and making it stand on the head. This yoga pose has a number of benefits and advantages provided it is done under special care. The health condition of the person doing such exercise should also be normal. It supposedly improves blood flow and is known to be quite effective in handling back pains and other problems with the spinal cord. There are many who use inversion tables to manage varying types and degrees of back pain. Now the question is whether it actually works and what are the upsides and downsides of using such tables. It is quite popular but on the other side there are many people who are not actually not very informed and conversant with these inversion tables. Hence, before you go about and choose the best inversion table you need to have some basic idea about these tables, how they work and the various pros and cons. This will help you to make a informed buying decision instead of going by opinions and hear says.

What Are These Tables

Put in plain and simple words, inversion tables help you to stay upside down with your head touching the ground. Instead of you doing it without any balance as it is done by yoga experts, here you have a table which offers the necessary support. Further it also has the required checks and balances to ensure that the pressure points are evenly spread out in the various areas of the back and spinal cord. They are known for their safety and stability and therefore even elderly people can use it Not that we have we have a basic understanding of these inversion tables, let us try and find out the various advantages and downsides.


  • Can help in relieving back pain. One of the most common reasons why people are on the lookout for the best inversion table is because it supposedly gives them the best benefits from these inversion tables. According to some studies conducted by renowned chiropractic associations, around 85% of people who went through seven to eight rounds of chiropractic treatments with inversion tables found amazing benefits. Their back pain levels improved quite significantly. It worked well in complex problems like arthritis, spondylolistheis, sciatica with lumbar osteoarthritis and much more.
  • It also is known to play a big role in improving trunk flexion. Elderly people who suffer from inability to bend forward could stand benefitted by more than 25% when they regularly follow inversion table treatments. This could help a lot for all those who are unable to carry out their daily chores like putting on their socks, bending forward to clean their feet while bathing, just to name a few. It also could help them to do some simple everyday chores like sweeping and cleaning in a much better fashion.
  • Increases blood circulation. When your body is in an inverted state, the body does not have to work hard to circulate blood amongst the various parts of the body, especially the upper extremities. It helps to move blood in improved quantities to the brain and the heart also gets a much needed rest as it does not have to pump blood hard to push it to the brain and other upper extremities of the body. Hence you tend to become more active and healthy provided you are able to do it rightly and under the guidance of an expert and of course with the right inversion table.

The Downsides

However, there are certainly some downsides as far at these inversion tables are concerned. You must be aware of the same. We will look at a few of them so that you are in the know about the same before you actually get to use them or buy them.

  • Eye And Ear Pressure. There is no doubt that inversion therapy brings quite a bit of pressure to the ears and eyes. People who have retinal detachments and other such problems or those who are suffering from glaucoma could feel the pressure in their eyes. This could often lead to bleeding in the eye. It also could exert pressure in the ears and could lead to hearing problems and other related problems with the ears.
  • Muscle pulls – People who use these inversion tables without guidance and care, often end up with muscle pulls which at times could be nasty and could lead to quite a bit of problems.
  • Risk of increase in blood pressure – When you are upside down, there are high chances that your heart beat will go slow and this leads to increased blood pressure building up within a few minutes. This is not a bad situation if you are suffering from hypertension and it could lead to brain haemorrage. Therefore you must always take doctor’s advice before using inversion tables in case you are a known patient of hypertension.
  • Finally, elderly people might find getting upside down a big problem and those who are already suffering from joint problems, slipped disc and spinal problems would certainly need to be careful. They would most certainly need help without which it is quite possible that they could suffer a fall and end up having serious injuries.

The Final Word

There is no doubt that there are a number of reasons to use these inversion tables and it certainly could be a boon for all those who are suffering from various types of back problems and other spinal cord related problems. It boils down to choosing the right inversion table keeping specific needs and requirements in mind. Further there also is the need to take expert opinion in case you have special health challenges and issues, specifically with regard to your cardiovascular and neurological health. However, in fine, it goes without saying the benefits far outweigh the shortcomings and risk as far as these inversion tables.